Bridging Education 

                     with Needy Children    


We assist and support non-priviledged students
of Mauritius
in their continuous learning and career path

Selection of Needy Students - a rigid, fair and transparent process

Needy Children are at the heart of all we do. A clear cut and straight forward nomination and selection process of Needy Students to qualify as beneficiary is in place at Bridging Education. Fair and equal opportunity is available to all poorest of the poor children to be part of Bridging Education programs.

The National and Regional Coordinators contact Primary School Head Masters and Community Leaders to nominate and submit list of CPE students who would pursue secondary education.

Nominated Needy Students must be from the poorest of poor families to pre-qualify as beneficiaries of the Bridging Education. The nominated Needy Students must be in their final year of Primary School and writing their CPE Examination at the end of the current year. Head Masters send the completed nomination forms for Needy Students from their Primary Schools. National Coordinator receives list of nominated Needy Students which is classified by region and Regional Coordinators and Volunteers are delegated to visit the nominated Needy Students and their families at their residence. A factual observation-survey is done and qualifying information is collected to evaluate eligibility for selection. Visiting nominated Needy Students and their families give a better picture of the living conditions of the children. Most of these children are of very low income with parents with difficult extreme living conditions.

Criteria used to select a Needy Student:
Family conditions: Health, financial and living conditions
Employment of both parents
Living conditions of all the children within the family
Education aspiration of the Needy Student

Mandatory: Selected Needy Student must provide:
Copy of CPE Pass Certificate
Admission confirmation to a Secondary School

List of prescribed text books and materials

Regional Coordinators and Volunteers complete survey questionnaire and hand over all documents
to National Coordinator. Once the CPE pass results are obtained, the selection committee makes a
final selection based on observation during visitand a point system identifying the most qualifying beneficiaries. For consistency in selecting Needy Students, the point system is used to select the most eligible Needy Children to pursue Secondary School Education.

Needy Student must provide confirmation of admission to Secondary School and the prescribed
list of text books. The Coordinators prepare a list of prescribed text books, stationery and dictionaries (English and French) by selected Needy Student.

Each Secondary School has its own list of text books. Procurement of prescribed text books, stationery, dictionaries and school bag:
Computed list of required school materials are sent to suppliers for quotation
Quotations are compared and evaluated
All required school materials are purchased at lowest available cost. Form 1 Needy Students return their text book at the end of the school year. These are used by current year Needy Students.
Text books, stationery, dictionaries and a school bag are put together for each selected Needy Student. Current year of New Needy Students receive complete set of text books, stationery, dictionaries and a school bag. Past years beneficiaries receive
stationery and a school bag.
Selected Needy Students and past years beneficiaries, with their parents, are invited to receive their school materials. Book Donation is a formal event to support continuous learning of Needy Students toward higher education and a career path within the developing and growing Mauritius. 

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