Bridging Education 

                     with Needy Children    


We assist and support non-priviledged students
of Mauritius
in their continuous learning and career path

Bridging Education with Needy Children

Bridging Education with Needy Children, holds an annual book donation. We positively transform the life of a needy child, the future good citizens of Mauritius. Next Book Donation:

Date:   January, 2015

Bridging Education with Needy Children is a national organisation initiative, aiming to positively transform the lives of needy children to become good citizens of Mauritius. Bridging Education is voluntary, non-political, registered NGO to provide educational and related support to the children of the poorest of poor families in Mauritius.

The beginning of year is a time for festivities with family gatherings and celebrations. It is also the start of a new education life for many of our young children: our hope for the future. It’s interesting to note that many capable young but poor and unfortunate children and their families cannot afford the cost of books and school supplies to register for secondary education levels.

Bridging Education has marked other milestones for the year 2013. For the first year in 2011, 26 needy students were identified and selected for support and assistance to continue secondary school education. For the second year in 2012, 39 new needy students were identified and selected. The 26 students of the past year also received stationery and school supplies with a school bag. Bridging Education with Needy Children’s programs and assistance activities continue to extend to the past beneficiaries. The objective is to continuously encourage and motivate the large and growing family of Needy Children who will become good citizens of Mauritius and in their turn give back to other needy people. Together we are part of the new ways to collaborate for a brighter Mauritius.

For the year 2013, Bridging Education with Needy Children has assisted 78 new needy students. The 65 past years’ beneficiaries continue to receive stationery and school supplies with a school bag. Some past years beneficiary students participate as volunteers in the organization of the Book Donation.

Book Donation is an annual ongoing endeavour to support the non-privileged students of Mauritius who are capable to continue secondary school education and build a career path.  Bridging Education with Needy Children work together with primary schools and community leaders to identify needy and also performing students of the Primary Level of Education: C.P.E examination. Needy students are identified for support to achieve a good standard of secondary schooling by providing the education related necessary requirements: a school bag with all prescribed Secondary Form I level text books, stationery and school supplies including dictionary. The book donation undertaking contributes to eliminate the barriers depriving access to quality secondary education for the poor and helpless children of Mauritius.

Goals of the Bridging Education Book Donation are:
  • Supporting the non-privileged students in their secondary school education and be part of the developing and growing Mauritius.
  • Assist our sponsored needy students achieve their Higher School Certificate examinations and also further education.
  • ‘Sponsor a Needy Child’ - Partnering each needy student with an adoptive sponsoring family who will embrace and follow-up the educational and career path of the student.

The main sponsors and partners of Bridging Education with Needy Children are  Mauritan and non-Mauritian established around the world.

Bridging Education - Projects

Book Assistance

School texts books, stationery and supplies are provided to Needy Students to continue their secondary education.
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Life Skills

Needy Children of Bridging Education and their parents get training in life skills to become good citizens of Mauritius.
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Giving Back

Needy Children and their parents in their turn 'give back' by doing volunteer work in assisting senior citizens.
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